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Mr Ravindera Rawat (Shiv Gauri Ratan) has a vast exp in Astrology predictions, numerology, Vastu consultancy and much more, all their Predictions are based on Lal Kitab, At present we deal in the following services...

Astro Consultancy

We all are aware of the fact that our future is concealed and we are unenlightened with what the future holds for us. This fact is the reason which is responsible for worries related to tomorrow. Astrology consultancy provides the much needed

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Vastu Consultancy

Vastu is the ancient as well as modern science of architecture. The vastu consultancy imbibes the norms present in the ancient sacred texts in the construction of the buildings and the homes with the sole motive of making the lives better and procure

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Match Making

Are you unable to find your true mate? Is the feeling of loneliness killing you from inside and you feel the need of sharing your life as well as thoughts with a companion? After a certain age, being lonely and without a partner, seems to be punitive.

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Lal Kitab Consultancy

Lal Kitab is one of the most renowned systems of astrology which puts emphasis on the planetary placements and the karmic debts. The Lal Kitab was conceptualized by a renowned astrologer. The sole objective for the formulation of this divine book

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Why Lal kitab guide
Lal Kitab

From his 15 year of exp in astrology field Mr. Ravindera Rawat has formed an solution for all of your daily life Problem, known as Lalkitab Guide/Your Astro Help Guide. This Small guide contains predictions, remedies and other useful information which help you to easily survive in your life. By considering the small things written in this book you can get rid of the entire problems you are facing or you can face in future.

  • 30 Page booklet with detail predictions for current year and brief predictions for upcoming 5 Year.
  • Contains effect of different planets on you along with their remedies
  • Simple remedies that help you to take advantage of the positive energy of the planets

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